Tentacle (2019-2023)

Less a drawing machine and more of a pathfinder, Tentacle’s smart algorithm had the ability to continually study the image under construction and guide a conditionally constrained contour to attempt abstracted gestural drawings. The adjustable controls that drove this process were based on observations made by Tentacle’s creators and those made by renowned artists and art historians when creating and studying abstract compositions.

Tentacle expanded upon conceptual ideas first introduced by Sol LeWitt in his scribble drawings by using a system that allows for varying combinations based on choices made for each iteration (within specified ranges). It was therefore not limited to producing mathematically derived or mimetic images, but also had the ability to truly approximate the aesthetic schema of automatic gestural abstractions.

Artists collaborating with Tentacle were able to make relatively simple adjustments to these controls, which provided a set of broad-based instructions, to generate an intricate spectrum of unique outcomes. Each set of instructions could, therefore, create a cohesive edition with varying images.

Tentacle could escape the screen to enter the real world. This video show’s the plotter’s pen carefully tracing the curves and contours, transforming the digital image into a tangible artwork. See the Gallery page for more examples of Tentacle’s physical and digital output.